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The evening I got here, as promised, I made a bacon sandwich. Of proper bacon. And joy.

I also took some photos of the old family home. Here's the desk I had as a teenager. I remember sitting when I was about 20, hacking X11 code at about 6am, and hearing about Princess Di dying on the radio.

My bedroom roof, and the dresser I had:

The livingroom:

My grandma and granddad on my dad's side. My gran died when I was 17, my granddad in about 2004 I think. I was working at the failing company that stopped paying people at the time, so I couldn't make the funeral. :(

The Wall'o'Relatives:

Hallway looking towards the toilet, parents' bedroom is at the back left, kitchen to the right:

Kitchen table:

Front hallway:

Dining room (mostly only used for Christmas dinner when I was a child):

Wall'o'Graduating-kids, with me on the left:

Then we walked into town. I took a photo of the entrance to my old primary school:

Farmers' market that happened to be there on the High Street:

The hobby shop where I used to go as a child is there, which made me happy. Still sells 1:72 scale plastic figures too, even. :)

St. Barnabas church, where we'd go at Christmas for Christingle and at no other time.

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