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I still watch the Daily Show, well, daily, albeit about 16 hours after those of you in the US watching it live (acquired by...nefarious means since it doesn't show on TV over here any more than Americans get Have I Got News For You). I have to say I've been enjoying it this week - I love when Jon Stewart gets legitimately pissed off, drops some of the jokeiness and really lays in.

It is a bit of a reminder of how alien American politics can be, though. Not that the UK's is a Utopian bed of roses by any means but we don't literally have half the government shut down and not going to work thanks to a small bunch of literal nutcases. This is crazy shit.

Date: 2013-10-13 09:38 pm (UTC)
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Yes, it's literally 80 Representatives, which are considered 'untouchable' because their terms do not expire for another year. So they are holding even the rest of the Republicans hostage by not letting them vote to raise the debt ceiling. These same people had no issues raising it for Bush, but Obama? No way! And most of them are the so-call Teaparty types, who despite losing popularity now, had it slightly for a few years....long enough to get these Republicans elected.


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