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More or less anyway. Nice warm days, no need for a coat, chirping birds in the trees.

I seem to be celebrating by catching a cold; at least my throat has that telltale scratchiness. Fortunately I have the ability to make rather-good-if-I-say-so healthgiving sausage and potato soup, and can spend the evening curled up under my duvet watching Game of Thrones.

Life otherwise is fine; more layoffs at work, but none in my team. The job continues to generally not suck. It sounds like our local D&D group has enough people (11 if everyone turns up at once including the new guys!) that we might end up running two games, and I've volunteered to run a Dark Heresy game. I enjoyed running a Rogue Trader campaign a few years back, but was never quite sure how to make the setting work properly (if you own a giant spaceship and have like 10,000 crew, why would you ever put yourself at personal risk?). Dark Heresy is a step down in power level and especially if it's a secondary drop-in game for when we have too many people for the main game, I can make it pretty lethal if I wish. I've always kind of wanted to run something a bit more doom-y.

I'm pondering what to do with my holidays now I have a) European amounts of holiday and b) Europe right next door to go visit for less than the $1000+ it costs from Detroit. Might make a weekend trip to Paris with a friend or something in a few months. Or I'd love to see Rome. Might also make a trip to the coast; even though I moved away from the shore when I was 7, I've always missed the sea.

I seem to be cooking American food more now since I left the place. I've done fried chicken and chicken fried steak a couple of times, and am attempting to track down pimentos so I can do pimento cheese. I've even contemplated biscuits and gravy. I just found where Waitrose stash their buttermilk which should assist my leftpondian endeavours.
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