Jul. 8th, 2017

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I've just moved to Loughborough, as of Friday. Well, sort of; we've applied to rent a place but the wife's university is proving incredibly useless at providing a 'landlord's reference' (because they aren't a landlord, she isn't a tenant per se, she gets to live here rent-free as part of her job as a subwarden, so finding out who's supposed to do it is ugh). Supposed to be signing the lease Wednesday but looks like that's going to get pushed back. Meanwhile the cat and I are illegal immigrants in her subwarden flat on campus.

Started a new job at ARM Loughborough as of Monday, formerly Apical, doing stuff with machine vision and image recognition and FPGAs - lots of low-level C, Linux kernel etc stuff. I'd forgotten how much I missed doing embedded work - it's more fun to have a desk strewn with FPGA boards, logic analysers etc, and it's also more fun when the eventual end product is a physical thing people can actually go out and buy in a shop. Co-workers all seem very nice, and it's a very international company. Boatloads of Russians for some reason.

Other than that, trying to plan final move into and furnishing of new house which, again, is all being delayed by the bloody reference. Hopefully bae can shout at them tomorrow and sort that out.

Oh, also - went out for a pint with co-workers yesterday and got change from a fiver! 2 quid even! After the £5.10 I paid for a pint in Oxford a couple of weeks ago I find this...refreshing.


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