May. 6th, 2014

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Probably because not much has happened; same old same old. I now live in a two-bedroom bungalow (spare bedroom awaiting furniture to become a place to mess about with robots and/or painting little plastic mans); much nicer than the previous place, no damp, and my landlady seems a decent sort too. The job continues fine; it's the annual pay review next month so am hoping for more of a raise than we all got last year (i.e. 0%, since the company was in poor financial straits at the time).

Fang continues fangy; often bitey, sometimes snuggly. Have just started a Numenera campaign with my local nerd krew; some astonishingly bad dice rolling got my first character crucified, gutted and eaten by a dog in his first session, but the replacement has at least survived an evening thus far.

I have a garden! For the first time ever (the concrete patio in Ann Arbor doesn't really count). It's got an apple tree and a small herb garden already; am pondering what else might be fun to plant. Am also pondering barbequing out; the previous tenant left a simple grill (i.e. big metal hinged cylinder on legs into which one deposits charcoal).

I hope everyone else is having a reasonably non-traumatic life. :)


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